If you are interested and willing to make a change in your career, ATT Consult Global will assist you in finding the company most suitable for you. A company where your potential, past experience, skills, knowledge and qualities will be most useful and helpful in the development of your future career. Our consultants will provide you with detailed information about the labor market, thus making it easier for you to take the right decisions for yourself. You will be consulted on your application based on documents (rules applicable to the preparation of a cover letter and CV) and your appearance in person (preparation for the interview held at the employer’s office).

In this period of personal changes, we’ll be glad to gain your trust and jointly find the way to your career success.

Professional advice and opportunities for …

  • Individual career planning;
  • Drafting of application documents;
  • Interview preparation;
  • Provision of professional information on labor market;
  • Access to many employers.

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