ATT Consult Global is a commercial and consulting organization established in 2011. Our primary goal is to offer complex and innovative solutions for our customers’ teams and businesses. Our mission is to assist the customers in achieving the results sought by them.

What we do and love

Commercial services

The diversity of services as well as the products in stock will help your business to thrive – from advertising materials, trough products for the office, work and safety clothing and transportation.

organizational consulting

One of the focuses of our company is the application of the psychological principles, best practices and know-how for the work life because everything is connected and has its meaning.

Psychological Counseling

With our aid your workers will be able to overcome problems in their social integration, psychic abnormalities and depression.


The Mediation is fast, private, objective and cheap procedure for dispute solving without going to court.


Training, just like learning, is a lifelong process. Companies will only benefit if they make sure their employees have met the need of acquiring new knowledge.

Career advising

If you have the idea to make a change in your career, we are here to help you to find the most suitable company for you.

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