Psychological Counseling

The psychological counseling your employees could obtain at the workplace is a proactive initiative that will help improve the environment and relationships within your organization and have a positive impact on the successful performance of your team. This kind of support will enable your employees to overcome their social adaptation problems, psychosomatic disorders, depressive or anxiety-related conditions, etc. Thoughts, feelings and behavior exist in a causal relationship that becomes the focus of psychological counseling. Working with a psychologist is a process in which changes occur and the individual moves to a higher stage of competence. Customer’s thoughts and feelings are heard and treated with respect, but are not evaluated. Customer’s “ego” and self-confidence is enhanced, and his/her initiative and personal development, self-control, management of situations and decision-making are all encouraged. Psychological counseling is also aimed at assisting the client in dealing with interpersonal conflicts, stress, burnout and hardships in the formulation and setting up of goals.

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