About Us

ATT Consult Global is a commercial and consulting organization established in 2011. Our primary goal is to offer complex and innovative solutions for our customers’ teams and businesses. Our mission is to assist the customers in achieving the results sought by them.

ATT Consult Global works in close cooperation with highly qualified professionals possessing proven and extensive experience in the field of:

  • Advertising (indoors and outdoors);
  • Design (indoors and outdoors);
  • Manufacturing of biodegradable foils for packaging and bags;
  • Production of working and protective clothes, as well as personal protective equipment;
  • Drugstore, cosmetics and cosmetic products;
  • Transport, forwarding and logistics.

Our Services

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We are committed that our consultancy services will contribute to our customers’ companies achieving several very important advantages:

  • Optimization of internal and external manufacturing processes;
  • Recognizable and memorable image created by advertising materials and consumables;
  • Availability of comfortable and nice office spaces;
  • Protection of company employees during the production process;
  • Success and development resulting from effective, motivated and trained personnel.

We have a strictly individual approach to each customer of ours, for we know that no two persons are identical and no two organizations are the same.

There are no identical people as well as there are no identical companies.

Our experience and broad range of goods and services enables us to flexibly adapt to our customers’ diverse needs and expectations. At the same time, we are ready to stand by our name and guarantee security, efficiency, saved time, efforts and money, thus allowing our clients to focus on the essence of the things they want their business to achieve.

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