Medical Staff Training

It is conducted by a consulting company of ATT Consult Global.


  • Prevention of Burnout Syndrome, or how to keep our zeal at work and not get “burnout” in it.
  • Conflictology, or how to better understand workplace conflicts and manage them more successfully.
  • Stressful life. Is harmony achievable…
  • Emotional smartness, or how to take control over our emotions and not let them overpower us.
  • Teaching patients how to handle sadness and loss.
  • Fears and anxiety. Working methods.
  • Techniques for influencing and persuading patients in the course of their treatment.
  • Assertive Behavior - the link between self-confidence and positive attitude towards other people, or how to stop believing in crooked mirrors.
  • Effective communication in dealing with patients.
  • Time management. An attempt to reconcile with time.
  • Communicating with patients requiring special approach.

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