Where the management of an organization is set to become one of the best in its field, the only way this could happen is through people. We will help you develop your employees and the motivation thereof, and will improve their satisfaction.

One’s self-knowledge and self-development is the main purpose of the group learning and training. Thus, a person will learn how to better understand the others and shall accordingly enter into a more constructive and successful contact. Employee training is a company activity that supports the gaining of work related knowledge and skills. This should not be limited only to newly hired employees, because there are different types of training and development programs at all stages of career advancement.

Training, just like learning, is a lifelong process. Companies will only benefit if they make sure their employees have met the need of acquiring new knowledge.

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ATT Consult Global offers to develop for you programs based on training and coaching methods:

  • establishment and management of teams;
  • factors affecting motivation, team effectiveness and job satisfaction;
  • time management and coping with stress;
  • improving organization’s communication, and impact on group processes;
  • relationship crisis management and mediation in resolution of conflicts;
  • enhancing the team’s sales skills.

You can count on us for:

Teambuilding and other corporate meeting and events

Customized company activities and events